Thursday, July 25, 2013

Imprison All Reporters?

Bradley Manning is being tried by the U.S. military for "aiding the enemy" and now faces possible sentencing to life in prison. He's already been tortured & abused at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, and at Quantico, Virginia.

The information allegedly released by Manning (link) included details of U.S. military brutality & murder, as well as transcripts of U.S. diplomatic backstabbing. We're all better-off (as civilized humans, as voting citizens, and as funder-taxpayers) knowing the reality of U.S. militaristic power, secret bumbling and corruption.

Too little attention was aimed at the contents of these sordid US embassy cables - and the "military justice" system prosecuting Manning declared such truth irrelevant.

But remember: Manning had no direct contact with any enemy.

The confidential information Manning is accused of providing was spread by The Washington Post, the New York Times, the BBC, and hundreds of other news organizations. They capitalized on information Manning provided. The weakest messenger is being sacrificed, while many corporate shills posing as reporters & politicians continue exploiting our world.

Journalist A.H. Shaye, another scapegoat who reported inconvenient truth, was imprisoned for three years in Yemen after following-up a U.S. cruise missile attack that killed dozens of civilians (link). He wrote for The Washington Post and the New York Times, and interviewed anti-American activists in the region.

Those providing information of crimes & corruption by officialdom are imprisoned, while in Boston admitted mass-murderers now walk free. Kevin Weeks provided information on where bodies are buried and agreed to cooperate with police. Pat Nee is an admitted terrorist released from prison decades early. Crooked cops & sleazy special agents of the FBI have been allowed to evade justice.

So sick & sordid !