Saturday, June 29, 2013

Commie Terror

The American people are being hoodwinked again with scare stories.

Remember the scare & horror of Communism - it was a word so terrible we'd spend any sum, and give up our lives to its eradication.

Now the Soviet system is gone, and we're in bed with Chinese Communists.

So the militarists & security specialists preach we must beware of Terrorism.

Detailed reasons & analyses of danger are kept secret by our national security services. They say the taxpaying public is untrustworthy, but our militant anti-terror services profit from new employment prospects while keeping oversight minimal. Fool citizenry can say little - we know nothing.

Government security services use private "partner" subcontractors for surveillance, analysis, and operations. We must trust (dumbly) that these companies appropriately manage valuable data among affiliates and associated firms. We must hope (faithfully) our confidential details are not shopped to other ventures. But specialists move between government and industry, domestic & foreign. Neither our data or we ourselves can be kept safe.

Who benefits? Those getting jobs profit. And the shareholders of insider firms get boosted corporate dividends. "Friends" in government service get payback later in the form of cushy big bonus private-sector jobs .

Is the United States truly under threat of survival? No.

Militant assholes might butcher a few of us. But they'll never capture our flag by such attacks. Our weakness is subversion from weasels inside the secret government.

We lost 3000 people on 9/11. In subsequent deluded invasions we lost many times that number. Our leaders are incompetent. Our leaders are murderers. These people left an evil legacy. We know of the CIA Phoenix Program (Phụng Hoàng) and Operation Condor - such crimes are little discussed because they are unforgivable.

We can't afford to spend huge sums in overseas adventurism. We need schools & transport & jobs close to home.

The security services are bleeding us dry; they gain from our discomfort.