Tuesday, June 04, 2013

America's Story

"When arrogance meets access."

Criminality and butchery are on trial in the U.S. state of Maryland. Sadly, we only witness a vast criminal conspiracy falling on a former servant.

In the case of Bradley Manning, arrogance is on trial... Militarism is on trial. Manning's case also threatens the lapdog corporate media, which does far too little to root-out corruption and murderous dishonesty by the powerful.

Why has the USA waged aggressive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Military operations by the USA undoubtedly killed & maimed innocent people by the tens of thousands, including thousands of Americans. Led by dishonest politicians and scheming political appointees, a corps of militant goons continues to stomp on justice & human rights with impunity. Duplicity, callous disregard for human life, and murder are proved by the government materials (films & documents) allegedly leaked by Manning. People sworn to protect & defend the Constitution of the United States are simply fraudulent criminals cloaked in lies.

"When arrogance meets access..." is the sound-bite reported widely around the world. Surely the US military prosecutor's catchy phrase wasn't meant as ironic. But the bottom line -- the U.S. government is criminally arrogant to the rest of the world.

Until America's people pay proper attention, "Arrogant" could label most mirrors around the country.