Saturday, September 29, 2012

Storm Troopers USA

Many Americans are confused about why the USA is involved in Afghanistan, Pakistan, & Iraq, and earlier in Central & South America, Vietnam, etc.

The reasons are all bad. The US government became deeply involved in these punishing wars because the American people were too busy or lazy to question & challenge U.S. leadership.

Overseas military occupation is critically described variously as:
- deployment of storm troopers
- imperialism
- the American Raj
- protecting American civilians
- surge
- Coalition of the Willing
- illegal interference
- foreign occupying force
- invited guests
- helpers
- advisers

America can barely govern itself. The USA has no business dictating "How to Run a Country" to an army of foreign bureaucrats half a world away.

The invasion of Iraq was illegal and wrong. Millions of refugees continue to suffer. The war-makers should be held criminally responsible and punished severely.

Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Blair, etc., should be in prison, not sipping mint juleps & awkwardy eating crudités in cozy retirement. These are murderous lying scum of the worst type.

Occupy Afghanistan should be shut down, and the US soldiers brought home. Occupy Iraq and our disruptive bases & facilities should also be shuttered. Use the resources in the USA.

Keep America Beautiful.