Friday, September 07, 2012

Showtrials USA?

The US military decided accused murderer Nidal Hasan will be forcibly shaved prior to his trial. Six times already, his growing beard has led the government to declare him in contempt of court.

Forcing people into a pretrial government-mandated makeover is disturbing.

What is next? That accused individuals submit to government makeup artists to look suitable as defendants?

We can envision depravity: dark rings under the eyes, hollow cheeks, perhaps even flecks of fake blood on the lips & chin. Hollywood-styled justice.

The US government already has devalued law & justice with indefinite detention of people at Guantanamo & elsewhere. People held without charge or trial are intubated & forcefed. One day, these horrific government practices will be recognized along with torture as ridiculous & bad, preempting a proper course of justice. That certainty is scant comfort for unfortunates caught-up in the showtrials, unjust imprisonment, and executions.