Monday, February 06, 2012


Mitt Romney is a self-absorbed rich weasel. In Mitt Romney's America, normal people with normal jobs are losers.

Mitt Romney claims he's a self-made man. What an ingrate!

In fact, his Dad headed one of America's largest corporations. George Romney was Governor of Michigan, a US Presidential candidate, and a Cabinet official under Nixon. In other words, Mitt is a silver-spoon brat, born on third base, who thinks he hit a triple. All his life Romney wealth & family connections greased Mitt's way. His privileged upbringing included private Cranbrook School for Boys, Stanford & Harvard. In 1966 at age 19 he went to France as a Mormon missionary, avoiding U.S. military service and the Vietnam war. Mitt subsequently worked hard - but his career as a businessman-speculator was built on a wealthy home life, family connections, luck & privilege.

But that's not why Mitt Romney's an asshole. He's quickly irritated by us proles. He's wholly supportive of speculators, bankers and corporate gamblers, while scorning normal people. We need a nation where jobs pay a living wage. Willard Mitt Romney cuts your full-time salary to the bone and then chuckles at your pain. We'd be fertilizer if he could manage it. He's a jackal.