Sunday, February 19, 2012

Armchair Patriot?

Too many people wait for political leaders to improve their community. The wait is long & largely fruitless.

Politics in the USA is thankless. But there's no need to become an elected official and an object of derision, complaint & investigation. Concerned hardworking individuals maybe can better drive change if outside officialdom.

Shout. Become an activist, a muckraking blogger, or an independent journalist. Do something to counterbalance corporate takeover of our world. Take back your streets & parks.

Resist lifestyle homogenization & the feeble forcefed stripmall culture. Speak out among neighbors as a citizen & resident, as an angry taxpayer sick of lies & deception. Support local initiatives from your own neighborhood. Recognize you're in play as a patsy & putz. Act fast if you still can.