Friday, September 09, 2011

Hot Dog Paul Ryan

U.S. House Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) should return to driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile (a task he did after his Social Security survivor's benefits ended ... and the little creep never drove by my house...).

At a 6 Sept. at a Wisconsin Rotary Club fundraising speech, when Rep. Ryan claimed "Most of our debt, in the future, comes from our entitlement programs" - retired plumber Tom Nielsen interrupted him, "I paid into those for 50 years! My Social Security, my unemployment, my Medicare, and now you're gonna..." But Nielsen (71), couldn't complete his dissenting comment -- being pushed from the room, wrestled down & arrested. His elderly constituent was bundled away by police while Rep. Ryan joked & laughed at him...

See it here:

Yet as Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan was silent about huge expenditures for overseas military interventions. Guns before butter! This twerp, from the Ryan Incorporated Central family, a major Big Business, "one of the nation's largest site-work contractors" is a callous hot-dogger.

He'd sell your grandma for meat, label it 'veal' - and snicker at the pain he caused.