Sunday, September 18, 2011

Exceptionalism !

The US Republican Party rallying cry has become "American Exceptionalism" - a fine & noble sentiment, stirring patriotic passions & grand visions of divine grace and unique heroism. But unilateral assertions of greatness are dangerous, especially when created by PR & advertising professionals. Such self-declared nobility is ridiculous. It's a threatening world we create where "Chinese exceptionalism" and "Jewish exceptionalism" and "German exceptionalism" and the "exceptionalism of inherited wealth" and other bold brash ideologies savagely compete for dominance. We might be convinced of our own true exceptionalism, while others exaggerate; far better to keep such views to oneself. Those trumpeting their own exceptionalism are dangerous narcissists, sadly all too common.

  You're #1 in line for reaming.   Prepare to be volunteered...