Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nuclear New England

Nuclear accident? You must act fast. All will be up to you - suddenly you'll need to protect health & save life. The early problem is avoiding contamination. Get away !  The authorities later will determine exclusion zones and dangerously contaminated areas. Shown here on a local New England map are 15 & 50 mile dirty zones (24 & 80 kms; click for detail). The Fukushima nuclear meltdown (same design as Plymouth Pilgrim plant, with less spent fuel stored on site) resulted in 20 km radius full & continuing evacuation -- residents forced suddenly to wholly abandon their homes, towns & businesses. The property remaining there is irradiated and unsafe. Polluted sea life, spitting distance from the accident, is further poisoning the oceanic food chain, causing unknown troubles...

Alternative power sources were labeled 'too expensive' -- yet the true cost of nuclear power was ignored; monstrous risks were overlooked.

Designers said it couldn't happen. Their failure in Japan has had heavy consequences...

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, Plymouth MA USA
photo source: US Nuclear Regulatory Commission