Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Dream of Obama

Take a look at the Election Day victory speech of Barack Obama:

Hope expressed by the crowd, and by the President-elect, is gone. It seems so long ago. "The Dream" remained ephemeral. Not much has changed in America's foreign wars. Most Americans remain under the boot of corporate systems, knowing not what keeps them down. Ultra-right extremist activism continues to subvert the Middle East and the USA.

Obama spoke well prior to taking office, his acts since then are feeble. His failure to inspire America is heartbreaking.

Jesse Hagopian was a public elementary school teacher in South East Washington, D.C. who complains (link here) of political mischief:

"...the cynicism of our nation’s ability to bomb children halfway around the world but not able care for them in the shadow of the White House. Soon too, it became apparent in all of the No Child Left Behind rhetoric about accountability that I was being asked, from inside of the classroom, to correct for all of the mistaken priorities of the politicians."

Fat cat politicians, bloated oil executives, rogue bankers and shifty defense contractors share riches... while public school teachers getting minimal resources are blamed for America's decline...

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