Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sabotage Averted by Internet

Flawed policy choices by the failed governments of George W. Bush and his predecessors continue to cripple the USA. Tens of thousands of Americans remain posted overseas, perpetuating a neo-colonial system too-often funding despots hated by their own people. Meanwhile, the lifestyles and future prospects for most Americans is in decline. Funds are unavailable for basic infrastructure. Future-oriented industries require detailed training, yet childhood education in the USA deteriorates.

Big media in the USA was overly sycophantic under Bush/Cheney. How much worse might it have been had the internet not offered new channels of communication? If internet technology in 2001 were at the level of 1991, we might still be under the heel of neo-con leadership. These were corporate shills wholly willing to sacrifice average people for their own profit; they calmly gambled the lives & resources of every schmuck in America.