Sunday, December 06, 2009

Privatized Military?

Many functions of the U.S. military have been outsourced to private corporations. This trend is frightening in terms of accountability; what happens when highly-armed militias go rogue? Yet some key contradictions emerge. U.S. Republicans have repeatedly attacked public services for supposed padded budgets, unreasonable job security, and entitlements at taxpayer expense. But these perfectly describe the perks of U.S. military leaders.

Most American people proudly voice support for the armed services. Military people put themselves in harm's way, they deserve better than they now receive. But the military's top brass are insulated from all that: conversely, they keep themselves perhaps safest of any of us, with vast resources under their control.

Elected leaders are ultimately responsible for military command & oversight. But I believe proper administration is often a failure. We need new & better checks & balances.