Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guns not butter

Guns not butter, by Genki

The high school has no music class
Our younger kids lost art
To play school sports requires cash
The poorer never start

"I can't care less" say many folk
"It's not a lot we've lost"
Get-rich-quick mirror tricks with smoke
Cheap goods in bulk near cost

A flimflam artist cheated me
His White House friends are quiet
My pension's gone; so's referee
I'm being forced to diet

Our leaders with a bit of wit
Give us the roundabout
Deny deny just don't admit
Uncertainty or doubt

My nation's got no sympathy
For stupid, slow or lame
The USA should charge a fee
To watch our growing shame

"No child left behind" has meant
We're going nowhere fast
Yes with democracy's consent
Our time on top has passed

World rankings show our sharp decline
Some titter it's a stain
But as I feed the drive-thru line
My ignorence is pain

It's "guns not butter" experts say
"Hava-gudday" to all
As dreaming proles, we've lost our way
Just bred to fight and fall.