Thursday, July 22, 2021

Terrorist: Proud Boys, Oathkeepers

On 3 Feb 2021 The Government of Canada designated the Proud Boys on their Criminal Code list as a terrorist entity, an "ideologically motivated violent extremist group." 

"When an entity is placed on the list, banks and financial institutions freeze its assets. It is a crime to knowingly deal with the assets of a listed entity. Listings also help obstruct assistance from sympathizers and supporters in Canada by criminalizing certain support activities, including those related to terrorist travel, training and recruitment."

Clearly the USA should have done this also, but the far-right group is protected by influential Americans, MAGA toads, and destabilizing interests overseas. Violent paramilitary extremists such as neo-fascist Proud Boys and Oathkeepers must be exposed, rooted-out, and not allowed to function or fundraise anywhere.