Friday, October 25, 2019

Business Beware! Japan's Jellyfish Justice

I've never met former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn. Perhaps I'd not like him.

But looking at the Japanese "Justice" system, one might easily imagine Ghosn is exceptionally horrible and dangerous: No other corporate executives in Japan have been arrested and jailed in a similar manner. Ghosn's defense team claims the prosecution is Highly Prejudiced (link).

Other Japanese corporate officials have been found to cheat the tax man; they've lied and swindled and circumvented safety checks. Deliberate Mislabeling and shoddy workmanship has resulted in dozens, hundreds, thousands of cases of injury, serious disfigurement, and death. Those corporate executives have somehow escaped arrest and imprisonment.

They are Japanese.

Ghosn is a Foreign devil, with assumed foreign interests.

Looking at the case against Ghosn, and Ministry of Justice inaction against so many others responsible for MUCH more harm, the world can only conclude Japanese justice is CORRUPT, and severely prejudiced against foreigners.

There's only an internal logic.
No backbone.
Foreigners will be stung.

Japanese Jellyfish Justice.