Saturday, August 10, 2019

TMT Hawai'i is a Trojan Horse

The USA gained use of Pu'u Loa (Pearl Harbor) for a coaling & repair station by Treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom (see Supplementary Convention of 6 Dec 1884, link).

The USA later schemed to overthrow & supplant the Hawaiian Kingdom's government, and under protest, forcibly annexed Hawai'i as US territory. Pearl Harbor and many other huge tracts of land were forcibly taken for exclusive use by the US military. Islanders lived under martial law for many years.

The US grabbed the highly-sacred 3000-acre Mokapu peninsula, exhumed thousands of Hawaiian graves, and built what's now Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

The USA showed it's deeply-rooted prejudice with the death of Hawaiian athlete Joseph Kahahawai. White colonial torture and murder was put on trial in Honolulu. Convicted of manslaughter, the killers received a commuted sentence of one hour - served over tea in the office of the Territorial Governor. [US Naval Officer Thomas Massie, his mother-in-law, and two Naval enlisted men impersonating the police, kidnapped, tortured & murdered a local man who'd been accused of rape] (link).

The US took Pūowaina above Honolulu, a deeply-significant & sacred site, and built their National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl) for the US armed forces.

The USA honors inheritance among a certain class of Americans, but ignores birthright among those adjudged lesser people. US law & justice still fail to remedy theft of land from Native Hawaiians; other North American native families are also denied inheritance. Recent migrant settlers resenting native wealth, coveting native lands & resources, have stolen & murdered. These crimes must stop, and restitution must begin.

Now on Hawai'i's sacred Maunakea, the authorities build destructive miles of paved roadways & more off-limits facilities. They claim both science & local communities will benefit from a TMT - Thirty Meter Telescope. Expect further desecration from "military necessity" = A’ole TMT (no)

The USA shamelessly cheats, lies, and steals in Hawai'i. Peace-loving Hawaiians are not fools, and we're not deceived by decades of false-friendly smiles from scheming intruders. Aloha!