Saturday, July 13, 2019

Monument Us Mauna

Monument Us Mauna   by Bru

Raw Hawaiian hike
The Occupier's bootprint
Desecrates all breath

    Yankee goose-fat legs
    Smart Aloha Foot Massage
    Kicks thieves from Our Land

             Generations duped
             into Quiet Submission...
             Hawaiians Awake!

Declaring "it's empty & barren" of meaning, aggressive predators desecrate Hawaiian nature. Wrongs poorly justified: To advertise Swiss medicines on White House banners could save lives. Giant aerial tram to Mt. Fuji's summit could promote alpine access & ecology. It's wrong outsiders further destroy Mauna Kea with force & desperate fury.

Flim Flam Man insists: small space on Mama's cheek is perfect for advertisement. 
Flim Flam Man insists: resistance is futile.

Hawaiians Resist Occupation