Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Lambert Proposal: EU Holidays

French President Macron calls for a "European Renaissance" and this week suggests assorted progressive policies, mostly political.

Please consider as well that Europeans still know little about each other.

I suggest European holidays; specifically, four EU-wide days-off each year rotating among the national days of member states. Requiring seven years for one cycle, we'll perhaps one year drink French beer on 14 July, another year have Swedish fish 6 June. We may learn why 12 October is important in Spain, what happened 18 November in Latvia, and how Portuguese celebrate on 10th June.

It's a modest proposal, and a chance to learn & party. Let's admit: it'll be FUN.

-- Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert, Stockholm
in response to "Pour une Renaissance européenne"
Publié le 4 mars 2019, Emmanuel Macron

Quick research generated the below data for EU National Days
(open to revision & refinement)

Austria; Österreich 26 Oct
Belgium; België; Belgique; Belgien 21 July
Bulgaria; България (Bǎlgariya) 3 March
Croatia; Hrvatska 25 June
Cyprus; Κύπρος (Kípros); Kıbrıs 1 Oct
Czechia; Česko; Czech Republic 28 Oct;  28 Sept
Denmark; Danmark 5 June
Estonia; Eesti 24 Feb
European Union; Council of Europe 9 May; 5 May (Europe Day)
Finland; Suomi 6 Dec
France 14 July
Germany; Deutschland 3 Oct
Greece; Ελλάδα (Elláda) 25 March; 28 Oct
Hungary; Magyarország 15 March; 20 Aug; 23 Oct
Ireland; Éire 17 March
Italy; Italia 25 April; 2 June
Latvia; Latvija 18 Nov
Lithuania; Lietuva 16 Feb; 6 July
Luxembourg; Luxemburg; Lëtzebuerg  23 June
Malta 31 March; 7 June; 8 Sept; 21 Sept; 13 Dec
Netherlands; Nederland; Nederlân 15 Dec; 27 April; 5 May
Poland; Polska 3 May; 11 Nov
Portugal 10 June
Romania; România 24 Jan; 1 Dec
Slovakia; Slovensko 1 Jan; 29 Aug; 1 Sept
Slovenia; Slovenija 25 June; 25 Oct; 26 Dec
Spain; España; Espanya; Espainia 12 Oct
Sweden; Sverige 6 June
United Kingdom; Teyrnas Unedig; An Rìoghachd Aonaichte 2nd Sat June