Monday, August 20, 2018

- ignore no more -

I've taught place marketing for many years, focusing on the question "Why Live Where?" Hawaii appeals for many reasons. Sadly, this means native Hawaiian people need to confront displacement strategies.

Uninvited intruders aggressively seek to displace Hawaiians from native lands.

On the continent, America's invaders slaughtered indigenous people, stole land and wealth, and still actively humiliate native redskins (displacement strategies continue) - ignore no more.

Ridicule corrodes & replaces the protections of cultural significance.

The dazzling USA is built upon displace-replace, ethnic cleansing, and denigrating native cultures. Support reconciliation please -- ignore no more.

We are actively developing indigenous inheritance mechanisms to avoid further violence:
American Reconciliation Council (ARC) & Aloha-ARC
Let's reach out and promote community healing!