Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cherry Blossom Theater

Criminals reshape Japan...
Most Japanese citizens keep silent.
Cherry blossom theater.

Assorted crimes were committed
By government officials
Under Abe's administration

Crooked bureaucrat Sagawa
Claims the Prime Minister
Didn't lead the criminal cover-up

Falsifying public documents
Aiding and abetting fraud

What fueled the fraud?
What pay-off to public servants?
Bribery? Future job improvement?

Unnatural & beyond belief
Motiveless crimes?
Or "tip of the iceberg" corruption?

Consider the original crimes:
Theft. Deception. Subsidized favoritism. etc.
The PM & wife were involved. How much?

Ultra-right militarist education
Abe's Moritomo support

Akie Abe & husband abandoned Kagoike
Kagoike couple still jailed without trial
Forced silence.


Welcome to the Cherry Blossom Theater