Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dislike Forcefeeding?

I don't like being herded, or forced into disagreeable procedures.

Most people may be more accepting, or insensitive...

In many cases, half the battle is to properly define the problem. Help is often near if you know the correct terminology.

An example:

Using my Electrolux EMS2020 microwave oven to warm or heat items, I'll typically do something else while it operates. When its procedure ends, it stops moving, and a bell softly chirps. Wonderful.

However, if I do not attend to it immediately and the door is unopened, after some seconds a reminder bell chirps.

I hate that reminder.

Unfortunately, I bought my microwave when living in Korea, and the interface is all Hangul. There may be an override to the reminder bell, but I've not found it yet (and because a bypass may exist, I'm perhaps more irritated).

Do you use Windows 10 ?

Microsoft is typically OK in allowing adjustments - and while not always making settings simple or intuitive, they've now had long experience with user angst. Some will remember their talking paperclip, Microsoft's 'Clippy' ...

I've recently been troubled by the Windows lockscreen time. Go away for a minute, and the Windows login screen appears. I don't mind typing my password once or twice a day, but not more often.

I tried unsuccessfully to find an adjustment in Windows settings.

So I searched for adjust time Windows login screen in my favorite search engine, only to find the procedure is hugely & unnecessarily complex. Why? It's rude forcing the world to live with a mandatory & inflexible timeout after one-minute. To what purpose?

1) sometimes, Microsoft, you suck
2) your own Microsoft help page put me in the Registry searching for a setting that did not exist - weird ("ScreenSaveTimeOut string value item). It claimed default timeout is 15 minutes (900 seconds) when in fact it is one minute... 
3) if you are bothered by this Microsoft imposition, here's how to change the timeout:
two-step, complex procedure -- but successful.

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