Sunday, June 04, 2017

Japan Welcome

I'm sad for people suffering from racism - maybe worse when not hate but unemotional exclusion (tough article on racial discrimination by Daisuke Kikuchi in today's Japan Times)

But exclusion is hateful. Worst in Japan is where Japanese people are treated badly because they look different (for example, when one parent came from elsewhere).

Japan is sure to receive much unwelcome attention in anticipation of Tokyo Olympics 2020. Systemic human rights violations will be analyzed & condemned. These include a range of abuses difficult to defend, for example, being banned from beaches, pools and hot springs if you've any tattoo (because some criminals are tattooed). And some people simply refuse to deal with foreigners, businesspeople holding up their hands in an X sign toward foreign devils.

The Japan Times article offers a final quote from Dr. Debito Arudou, a naturalized Japanese citizen: "After all, we shouldn’t allow racist behavior to be normalized through public signage. And if that doesn’t work, of course, I would never advocate that people pull the signs down quietly in the middle of the night. Never ever."