Saturday, May 06, 2017


Ode to Trumpcare
   by Genki

Baby's cough & Grammy's groan
The house is now corrupt
A second job, another loan
Our loss of dreams abrupt.

Procurement spending can't be theft
If killing peasant scum
But now we're told "No money's left."
To care for stricken Mum.

The swelling invoice hurts as much
As dad's infected feet
Our savings bought one single crutch
Such health care's bittersweet.

The waiting room's a dreadful place
As bank accounts get shorn
Great doctors must review each case
While patient patients mourn

Our armies billet round the earth
For despots & their thrones
Charity clinic childbirth
Lost newborn niece - such moans!

Oh somewhere in this favored land
Our bosses bosses dance
While we learn economics and
American finance.