Saturday, December 12, 2015

Future Theft

I live in a supposed democracy, but many people are unreasonably deprived of choice & voice.

I speak of disenfranchised youth. In many nations, people under 21 (or 20, or 18) are not allowed to vote. They cannot choose the people who govern their lives, young people cannot adjust laws through democratic means.

Our rules are wholly unreasonable as regards climate change. The major problems of climate change are not short-term, but troubles of accumulated decades.

Some geezer in his seventies has little life ahead, and naturally is averse to investing in the distant future. I would allow only those with 50+ years life expectancy to make the key choices: people aged 10 to 30 should be decisionmakers for climate change.

Youth must live long with future-oriented decisions. We need democratic change now!