Monday, October 05, 2015

Damn TPP

First corporations drafted the ideas in secret.

Now, bureaucrats have agreed the secret TPP.

Corrupt politicos and corporate media  say it's a done deal.

But in democracies, we have Voice.

Refuse the Trans Pacific Partnership -- You ain't a partner.  Why'd they keep it secret? Cause it butt-fucks everyone but insiders.  Vote against those supporting TPP.

TPP will change labeling requirements. TPP is to infiltrate your home, your body, and your mind with artificial additives and subterfuge, and TPP will shorten your life. TPP self-certification & shortcuts bypass monitoring of predatory corporations. TPP is a trojan horse for mega-corporations.

TPP is anti-democratic, rooted in corruption. TPP dooms your grandchildren to low-wage servitude. TPP will flush your community down the shitter.