Thursday, March 20, 2014

Suffocation Torture

It's terrible the USA admittedly tortures people.

It's illegal to torture convicts. It's worse torturing people not yet charged or convicted, using torture to punish and intimidate. Torture is always illegal.

The 'waterboarding' euphemism is a deliberate fun park phrase. Let's be clear - suffocation is horrible, forcibly restrained, fighting for air, suffering pounding heart & quaking panic, knowing death by suffocating murder is within seconds.  Torture.

The torturers and those who protect them are criminal.

Swedish people believe our government should follow international law & condemn crime. We expect bold complaints, as we see ourselves as law-abiding & neutral. Sadly, our present Government of Sweden is corrupted by empty dreams of power - Swedish leaders say little and do nothing about continuing torture programs by the USA.

Moderate Swedish Tiger