Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trust the Neighbors?

Here's (link) an interesting article on  distrust
"Japanese Don't Trust Korea, China"

The Chosun Ilbo article is based on a Yomiuri Shinbun report, citing a Gallup poll of Japanese and Americans.

So we've an inexactly-cited survey with unknown bias and sampling error, with results filtered through two news organizations (and now a blog). What can we learn?

We might at least ask these key questions:
  • What percentage of people distrust their own government? 
  • Who profits most from mistrust?  ( Answer: militarists & right-wing opportunists )
  • Do US military leaders prefer peace? (and dismantling their systems, downsizing manpower, reducing budgets)?
  • Might US military leaders prefer military alert?
If the citizenry is asked "Can media always be trusted?" - nobody should answer "Yes" -- But it's so much more provocative & explosive to hear of unknown neighbors distrusting us.

Gallup political surveys