Monday, December 24, 2012

Profit from Meltdown USA

The USA has entered a meltdown. I'm sad about it. But what can be done? We're locked in decline -- by a corrupt corporatist system.

Can individual Americans profit during this meltdown?

Sure. It's best to protect yourself & your loved ones - and money may not be the best path to protection.

Breakdown is likely because of hopelessness. What opportunities or trends promise a better life ahead? Far too few...

Education & public health are in decline. Security and 'correctional' services are major growth industries. Police & military hog increasing chunks of all public spending.

As with programmed trading, the poor get squeezed to become poorer & poorer. They're also demonized. As these dispossessed grow in number, they threaten & endanger America's elite, and destabilize the shrinking middle class who serve them.

If civil unrest leads to widespread looting, or insurrectionary "redistribution" of wealth, fortified buildings & neighborhoods may be quickly targeted - perhaps by their own security guards.

The government has already instituted changes circumventing the US Constitution. They now hold US citizens indefinitely without charge or trial in military detention centers under Section 1021(b) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Torture is called "enhanced interrogation" but used as punishment. Banks & media drive oppression, and they profit from the churn.

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