Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bulger's Bitch Behind Bars

A fearsome story slowly draws to a close, as the long-time fugitive girlfriend of Whitey Bulger is sentenced to 8 years in U.S. Federal prison.

The story is creepy because James "Whitey" Bulger, a former Alcatraz inmate, was reportedly not only a mobster & multiple-murderer, but a U.S. government informant aided in his escape by U.S. Federal agents.

The story is further complex in that Bulger's brother Billy was one of Massachusetts' most powerful politicians for nearly two decades. Another brother was a Massachusetts clerk-magistrate (judicial hearing officer), a court official appointed for life (who was later convicted of felony perjury and sent to prison).

The fearsome dimension was those being strong-armed reasonably believed they couldn't rely on Massachusetts State officials or upon the U.S. Federal Government -- either was more likely to back bully-boy Bulger.

Even as a "Most Wanted" federal fugitive, anyone spotting Whitey took a risk: might a confidential tip-off create great personal danger? A $2 million reward went uncollected for 16 years...

Whitey Bulger & Catherine Greig were arrested in 2011 in Santa Monica, California, after 16 years as fugitives, much of the time on the FBI Most Wanted list. With them were $800,000 cash and 30 firearms, including pistols, shotguns & rifles -- still a highly dangerous pair. Greig nonetheless was offered a plea bargain without requiring she testify against Bulger. He's yet to come to trial...