Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cultivate Activists

I protest against war and the military industries as socially brutalizing, monetarily costly, and personally repugnant. I'm also opposed to exploitative colonialism, torture, and the US prison system.

What to do with such outrage? I write this blog, contact elected officials, and hope to cultivate activism.

Social activism is tough. It's easy to burn-out. Successes are short-lived and local. New generations, oblivious, inherit democracy or a world powered otherwise, and submit to authority. Mostly.

Science enjoys incremental progress over generations; evidence doesn't need continuous re-analysis. But social systems are continuously rediscovered & redefined, with the gullible hoodwinked by swindlers. Social concerns change; arrogant exploitation morphs to family concerns into aged infirmities.

Entertainment may be unfulfilling, but so is politics. Much competes for attention.

I try to balance the beauty of the world, and a natural peace, with activism. Simple redoubled effort will lead to grief. Nobody carries world problems long. Cultivate others and always model peace in daily life.