Saturday, July 30, 2011

Government Needs Talent

Many highly talented people are never attracted to government service.

Government downsizing demoralizes & leads to personnel cutbacks. Private sector interests portray government workers as parasites. A fractured public service cannot consistently supply top-quality human resources, and good clever people often are desperately needed.

US President Obama supports huge pay for financial industry executives (link). But in contrast to self-serving astronomically-paid financial manipulators, our very lives, safety & well being rely on minimally-paid air traffic controllers, government bureaucrats, firemen, health inspectors, teachers, etc. Jobs threatened, they're stressed and unappreciated...

Most top people don't enter government. And too many who aim at politics, like Obama (who has become addicted to making war), quickly abandon their promises as candidates to grab supports from powerful private interests.

Public service is gutted.