Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Tea Party !

The USA "Tea Party" movement against wasteful big government is gaining momentum. But a key problem is that many don't recognize the benefits received from collective action. Taxes pay for public services. Libertarians hoping to pay less tax find that overall costs can quickly rise - as they're preyed upon by the unscrupulous, and buffeted by natural selection, accident and disaster.

Taxes pay for public safety. Taxes protect public health. Taxes provide the regulators who verify standards for food, water, air and other necessities. When fueling a private vehicle, we can't each verify receiving a claimed fuel volume at proper octane - we trust the pump, in part thanks to regulatory inspection. Putting ourselves at the mercy of corporate providers is a poor solution. As we cut-corners, we're more likely to crash & burn, becoming pickings for scavengers or better-organized pirates. Beware!