Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chattering Mice Be Scolded

Too many Americans have become terrorized, but very few are the direct physical victims of terrorist attackers. Instead, they have been belittled and abused by their Republican leadership & megacorporate media into shadows of lost potential. Fearmongering has become the American way, practiced daily by the Bush administration.

John McCain offers more of the same. He sidled up to Bush Co. and now lies with them, bathed in hogwash.

People who should know better are still being misdirected into doubting Barack Obama. I believe that Barack Obama is ready, willing and able to work for a better world. I expect that he can build a strong team of experts and colleagues to bring about positive change. The hemorrhage of the Bush years must be staunched. The Republican Party has led America to a terrible condition. It is time for change. Please America, vote carefully for a better future: with Barack Obama as President of the USA.