Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Sic 'em Billow" (née Bill O’Reilly)

It's an emotional experience seeing Mr. Bill O’Reilly perform on the Fox network. So many descriptive phrases flit to mind: he acts deranged; he's shameless; he’s a wealthy journalistic anarchist; he's a a smarmy wanker. It's frightening that many American people believe & applaud his extreme & dangerous theatrics.

His enemies (oddly) try repeatedly to engage him in rational discussion, though clearly he'll disconnect from such shenanigans.

Simple namecalling ("Bill O'Reilly is an asshole.") won't likely impress him. Turn the other cheek -- he's sure to bite it. But he trades on his good name, and making fun of it as "Billow" is cute and observant: he is a windbag, he likes the short sound bite. The name is soft & lovable as an obnoxious little dog can be. Sic 'em Billow! We love you Billow!