Saturday, May 03, 2008

Reopen - New Close

by Genki

The crowd became restless
Then picked up the chant
bareass fool
bareass fool

They blamed that kid begun it
And he brilliantly warmed to the press
But I watched her planting seeds
Then scurry off

bareass fool
bareass fool
It all seems kinda funny
But I seen 'em busting heads

I used to serve their Majesties
And the kiss-arse crowd around 'em
Their riches are real; waste unmeasured
Their sneers make one limp

I lurned a bit there; no-doubt affected
But one day far from the city
The smell of earth and air
I seen my life been wasted

We'd each turned out for pageantry
bareass fool
bareass fool
She coulda been talkin' to me

Now I've restarted modestly
bareass fool
She don't want fame.
Slaughterer retired. I'm re-covered.