Friday, November 16, 2007

"Shanghai Seven" didn't vote Bush!

Bridge team from USA (yes, card players) accused of sedition
Link:   Uproar Over Fact or Anti-Bush?

Some call Him ... Moloch
Truly He is a vengeful God
Burning & purging all sin & transgression

These wenches might be tarred & feathered
They could be stripped of their livelihoods
Offered bare sackcloth & ash
To expiration. Bedamned!

Or the histrionics may simply be stopped.

Alors! Alors! Shall we tear our hair?
Gnash our teeth
Call down the Lord to smite them...

Or perhaps allow a passing fact.

Or suppose, just maybe, a voting machine audit
Would find these rude bridge players
-- "The Shanghai Seven" --
Did vote for Bush
113 times.

Did they call him an weasel?
Did they call him a knave?
Did they call him horrid?

"We did not vote for Bush"
Horror of Horrors!
?! Burn them ?!