Wednesday, February 14, 2007


by Genki 元気

A single red rose
Graces a saké bottle
By my Chinese lunch
      -- 2006-01-23

Bohemian road
Aimless Czech discovery
Balance elusive
      -- 2006-08-07

Mountains and water
Rhythms to be listened to
Away from the crowds
      -- 2006-08-07

Ultimately one
Life is shared, I die alone
Calm, scared -- otherwise
      -- 2006-09-24

Big Italian meal
With pickles in Korea
Very far from home
      -- 2006-11-26

Lights beneath the clouds
Night glimpses from a jet plane
Hurdling the globe
      -- 2006-12-03

Twelve hours thus far
Still yet I'm folded narrow
Seat 46K
      -- 2006-12-03