Sunday, September 03, 2006

Energy industries

One unfortunate dimension of energy development in the USA is that the oil and associated industries have hijacked debate via the political process. George W. Bush & Dick Cheney are shortsighted unapologetic supporters of oil. This has helped enshroud the USA in Middle Eastern affairs to the detriment of our future.

Alternative energy is not merely a rallying element for disaffected environmentalists. Alternative energy businesses have huge potential, and promise in the future to grow into efficient and important large-scale industries. This is recognized in Germany, Japan and elsewhere, but has been denigrated in the USA.

It's an oily morass. Valuable options being developed elsewhere leave the USA with old, polluting smokestack industries and prospects of paying royalties offshore for generations. At the same time, the environment is degraded, while the USA foolishly blunders in Iraq and the Middle East.