Friday, July 28, 2006

Lamont vs. Lieberman

There is a distant drumbeat for change in the USA. Americans read the USA spends $10 million every hour in Iraq (for who knows what?) while local services (in the 'homeland') decline. The government has waged war for years, telling people they know what's best.

Business-as-usual is being buffeted. Just now the Connecticut Democratic primary challenge of Ned Lamont has energized a segment of America. Sitting Senator Joe Lieberman is under attack as being a Republican in disguise. We're told that ousting Lieberman for Lamont is a first step to building new hope for America.

I'm sceptical, and believe it's a semi-permitted sideshow. Joe Lieberman should not top anyone's enemies list. He's a clever and hard-working insider, whose recent work on the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2006 (FRPAA; S.2695), for example, has been a great public service.

Yes, Joe takes up a chair that someone else might better use. I can't say if one such someone is Ned Lamont - too many people after election suddenly go quiet. One broadcast of Ned's candidacy, however, puts the contrast of energetic challenger and complacent toad very clearly; the editors of this Fox61 report clearly favor the challenger. Viewers are eagerly led to the sideshow; the truly major rollbacks of American integrity are ignored...

==2006-03-13 Fox61 news clip: Lamont candidacy==
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