Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Heroic Dose

The concept of 'heroic dose' supposedly was promulgated by Terrence McKenna. (I never had the joy of meeting Terrence, though our paths at times were near. We do, however, share our birthday, twelve years apart -- highly significant in Japan). Anyhow, risk takers please note: taking the heroic dose is not so tough - it is the coming back from it that is trying.

I remember when I was perhaps ten years old. No - I wasn't challenging the classic heroic dose. But near my home was a large dirt hill separating a private development from the public road system. Many of us regularly traversed these dirt hills on our bicycles. Anyhow, one day they began to clear the hills away, but stopped mid-way. Perhaps they were called away to another job, or they didn't want to spoil a good job and use one day when five would suffice. In any event, half of the dirt hill was suddenly chopped away.

This presented the possibility of using the hill as a jump. I remember looking forward to challenging the jump. I pedaled my bicycle as hard as possible, and jumped as high as possible. But the coming down was not nice.

I had not given any thought at all to 'reentry' - absolutely not an instant's consideration - my bike hit hard, I was only partially in control, my balls, guts, chest and bike got badly busted (I partly protected my foolish head).

Anyhow, those contemplating the 'heroic dose' - give a though about the comeback - perhaps leave a note about who should get your mp3 player, and if you'd prefer cremation.

Lodz, Poland