Monday, February 20, 2017

What's a moldova?

Almost half-million people have watched this 'humor' video about Moldova:

Yes, it is ridiculous.
Yes, it is insulting.

But dozens of other nations have made similar videos, and behind the jokes, it actually teaches a lot about Moldova (facts the typical person wouldn't know, and probably never otherwise hear about).

Hundreds-of-thousands of people spent 4+ minutes watching this presentation. Maybe as a marketing tool, humor & sarcasm are second to none...

I've visited Moldova for business four times, and as a member of the Swedish-Moldovan International Association I must tell you Moldova is Great in many ways. But it's too often unknown & forgotten...

"Don't believe marketing is about what you want to say. Craft something other people – the people you're trying to reach – want to listen to, read, interact with... To be interesting today: Earn people's time.  If you haven’t made that commitment you're just talking to yourself in public... who's going to make time to listen to that?"  (Mark Di Somma)

Dos Equis Beer, "Most Interesting Man" marketing campaign created a fictional celebrity endorser (and fabulously boasting about him). Most ads end with the most interesting man dressed in a tuxedo surrounded by beautiful women, at which point he says, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis." For a beer spokesman to admit he doesn't always drink beer, does not seem like the smartest marketing campaign decision, but the numbers have proven its worth. People want to be seen as interesting.  (Jaci Russo)

Ads can be funny to better sell the brand -- "designed to create a longing in someone who wants to be as interesting as the ads' leading man and brand spokesperson." Emotional connection: [My Nation & I are nearly as cool as America & Trump]  (Sage Marketing Group)

More nasty videos mocking the America First movement:

Please remember, FIRST to create such a video was the Netherlands:
It's Great. Fantastic.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ultra-Nationalist Japan

Some people celebrate when rabid leaders pledge to cleanse their country of foreign scum.

But racism and hate ultimately are costly & hurtful to us all.

Japan has allowed the ultra-right to flourish. In part, Japan's rightists were protected by America during the 1950s and 60s, claiming to be anti-Communist.

Now, organizations such as Nippon Kaigi 日本会議 are vigorous (link), reaching to the pinnacle of the political world. Reportedly 15 of 19 ministers, and 289 of the 480 National Diet members, are Nippon Kaigi as of 10/2014. Maybe forging sweetheart deals with Japan's Ministry of Finance?

Moritomo Gakuen 森友学園 and 瑞穂の國記念小學院 are frightening!

Kids must memorize the prewar Imperial Rescript on Education 「教育勅語」

But the waste & destruction of WWII are easily remembered in Japan, and many (probably most) people are unsupportive of right-wing extremists.

Thankfully, abusiveness is monitored & sometimes reported upon, such as sex scandals:

Dietmember Yoshitaka Shindō 新藤義孝
(English summary here)

After a funeral, lawmaker Yoshitaka Shindō 新藤義孝 reportedly goes whoring

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Theft of the Sacred

Property and community of Hawai'i's indigenous people are threatened by development of sacred Mauna Kea. Similarly, construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline by Energy Transfer Partners is being forced upon native communities, uprooting their environment.

On Mauna Kea, should cars and vehicles be allowed at the summit?

Early maneuvering by pro-development forces sought to stifle resistance through arrests claiming protestors blocked traffic.

Scientific activities have already harmed Mauna Kea. "The cumulative impacts of certain resources of past and existing development in the astronomy precinct have already been substantial, significant and adverse." (written testimony by James T.Hayes to BLNR Contested Case Hearing, Thirty Meter Telescope, p.34; link, video 3:08:15)

Worse, this person with primary responsibility for the Environmental Impact Study on Mauna Kea by the TMT, James T. Hayes, cites the existence of the road around Mauna Kea's summit as the key factor the proposed Northern Plateau site is no longer a pristine area -- see Dexter Kaimana cross-examining James T. Hayes, link, at 3:12:48

When people can tour through special places in their own messy vehicle, chugging slurpee, listening to sports or talk radio, eating a burger, they too easily overlook the fact they are guests within an honored & exceptional place.

We too often give precedence to motor vehicles.

Ban cars from upper Mauna Kea. Heavily tax every allowed vehicle, with revenues to Native Hawaiian programs.

Political Scum?

Americans who've been shaken awake by the first weeks of Donald J. Trump's presidency are surely partly to blame for wider national crises.

America's many troubles have grown up under the carelessness of both Democrat & Republican lawmakers, "public servants" who serve themselves and their funders before anything trickles down to the masses.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband are not people I admire. The Republican leadership is no better. It seems clear to me the people Hilary Clinton most wished to help were wealthy financiers. Fatcats threatening hellfire to the insufficiently Christian?    -- No Thank You.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

All For Profit

Moves by the new U.S. Federal Administration to deify profit & aggrandize market economics are dangerous. The powerful who now control resources will gain more. The great majority will lose everything valuable (which now is not much). Social Darwinism is unsustainable!

All government operations are being reinterpreted as potential business opportunities. Troublesome information is being hidden, data gathering discontinued, and regulations dismantled in areas such as conservation and human services.

So sad.

How Dirty is the FBI?

For many or most in my generation, the FBI was admirable. They upheld the law without falling into the squabbles, nepotism and petty politics of local sheriffs and police departments. The "G Man" was highly-trained and above corruption. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover reportedly was highly concerned with the Bureau's reputation, even interviewing and organizing training for Efrem Zimbalist Jr. for his TV role depicting the FBI.

For Boston & New England people, the saga of James "Whitey" Bulger and his brother Billy dirtied the FBI's reputation. Whitey was collaborating with the Bureau even as he murdered people, and FBI agent John Joseph Connolly, Jr. provided the tip-off allowing Whitey to escape justice in late 1994.

Subsequently, Bulger was highlighted as America's "Most Wanted" by the FBI for awhile, but it became clearer his insider knowledge of important people's dirt may have led to him being "America's least wanted."

We common folk will never know the full truth. Yet there remain troubling points:

1) Was Mr. Bulger truly captured? If so, where's Whitey now?
We're told this infamous criminal is safely locked-up (in US Federal Penitentiary Coleman II, Florida). But is he really there? Whitey & the Feds did bad shit together. The government should supply periodic photos & updates of his alleged incarceration.

2) Whitey was on the run for 16+ years; thousands of tips & leads were supposedly tracked, and the FBI offered a US$2 million reward for Bulger's capture. In 2008, Keith Messina reported seeing Whitey in Santa Monica, California. Three years later, a more precise tip by an Icelandic woman led the FBI to the doorstep of Bulger & his fugitive girlfriend. Perhaps the FBI could easily disregard domestically-generated tips, but an Icelandic TV crew finding Bulger would surely be a black-eye to the Bureau -- they needed to act. The Icelandic tipster was paid her reward, but her name and personal details were leaked to media & publicized. Nasty take-away lesson: collaborating with the FBI is very dangerous! Surely policing is more effective when working together with the public. Government promises of confidentiality must be enforced.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

U.S. Senate Confirmed

During the Senate confirmation hearing for a new U.S. Attorney General, the senior Senator for Massachusetts, Vice Chair of the chamber's Democratic Caucus, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, was officially rebuked by the Republican majority. The measure barred Warren from speaking further during Sessions' nomination hearing.

Warren was slapped-down for questioning past motives & conduct of a Senate colleague, Jeff Sessions from Alabama.

Ultimately, this confirms the U.S. Senate is doing a poor job. The Senate is entrusted with offering advice, and must consent to the appointment of key nominations. For the national interest, the confirmation process is not meant to be a whitewash, and should allow debate. It seems ridiculous when historical documentation and negative background of potential Cabinet appointments cannot be mentioned.

Regardless of the fitness of Sen. Sessions to become U.S. Attorney General, this incident was a black-eye for the U.S. Senate and underlines the shoddy tenure of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

We Know Things Are Bad...

It's 40+ years since the (link) 1976 film Network ...

We carry-on as string puppets controlled via media.
Parasitic corporate interests suppress community & suck dry the output of each modest life.

Did YOU get free public money from the bipartisan Bush/Obama bailout? If not, you're simple normal social scum -- a badly connected outsider. Deplorable.

USA = 99% Deplorable

 ... enjoy this audio clip ( link )

Who Won?

This posting will evolve, but the key concept is wondering:
Who won the 2016 Presidential Election?

First, it seems (somewhat) clear Hilary Clinton LOST -- while the Democratic National Committee was LOST from long ago

My Question is not the choice of A or B, but rather X
 - did Russia interfere & actively intervene?
 - is Trump working for Russia?
 - why did / (does?) Trump want the job of President?
 - why was there no recount in the key states where requested?
 - is American DEMOCRACY an illusion?

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Selling a Pollution Pit

Entergy is the fat corporation owning Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They've sucked revenues from the nuclear reactor, but have no proper plan for dealing with the dirty aftermath.

Now they suggest selling the aging plant to another (newly formed) corporation.

Some support the sale. Former Massachusetts State Sen. Daniel Wolf (D) is quoted as calling the potential transaction "really exciting news." (link)


A similar process is happening at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear plant. There's no reasonable vision for optimism. Entergy would exploit profitable decommissioning, if there were such a thing. They instead plan to wash their hands by passing the muck to a newly-formed shell corporation.

This new firm may perform correctly, but tens of millions, maybe billions of dollars urge them to default, defect, and pass most costs to the public.

Don't let Entergy off the hook for their obligations.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Cruelly Corporatist Korea

Gangjeong Village is among the furthest points from Seoul as exist in South Korea. Some 480 km from Seoul and far from mainland troubles, Gangjeong sits on beautiful Jeju Island's southern coast. Threats to develop the region were first put aside through legislation and edict. (link) The coastal area was designated a Cultural Protection Zone by the South Korean government in 2000 and 2004. In 2002 South Korea's Ministry of Land defined the region a Marine Ecosystem Conservation Area, and that same year it also became a UNESCO Biosphere Conservation Area. In 2006, the government of Jeju Island named the Gangjeong Village zone a Marine Provincial Park, and the central government's Ministry of Environment designated it an "Ecological Excellent Village"; in 2007, the Jeju Island government identified it as an Absolute Retention Coastal Area; and in 2008, the Ministry of Environment designated it a Natural Park.

Then, against the wishes of the local people, distant militarists decided to develop the area as a strategic naval base. Both the Korean Government in distant Seoul and the U.S. Government in Washington D.C. pushed to reclassify the area for development, overturning all objections. Jeju Naval Base (제주 해군기지) is now operational.

But serious struggles continue (link). Many local people and their supporters were arrested & fined. Worse, because construction was slower than expected due to local opposition, the large private-sector chaebol construction companies demanded compensation for the delays, Seoul's right-wing government is forcing the local villagers to pay these costs (link).

In other words, refusing to quickly stand aside when government tries bulldozing your neighborhood will lead to bankruptcy. Forcing the local population to pay restitution & indemnity is horrible -- closer to fascism than a democratic process. Shame on Korea's politicians!

Artist Carlos Latuff (Brazil) supports Jeju villagers against the menacing naval base

Unfortunate blowback from a global imperialist alliance is deployment of foreign military forces in places otherwise peaceful, thus distressing the local population. Korea, Japan and Hawai'i are in a feudal relationship with Washington D.C., forced to accept American military installations into such places as Jeju's Gangjeon coastline, Okinawa's Yanbaru forest, and O'ahu's delicate Mokapu Peninsula. Tough.

Targets & Tiaras

The first combat death for the new US Government came in an engagement which killed an 8-year old girl.

Obama's government assassinated the father & his 16-yr old son. Both were U.S. citizens targeted without trial. Trump's first combat mission (on his 10th day as President) now kills the daughter.

We wholly condemn extrajudicial targeted killings (link). Neither should American forces suffer tragic death. President Trump has vowed to withdraw American troops from many overseas trouble-spots, leaving local forces to protect & police themselves. "We cannot be the Policeman of the World" said candidate Trump (link)

But assassination is not an acceptable substitute policy, and all the more terrible when it targets family members.

President Trump declared we must kill the families of America's enemies, but surely that's illegal under international law, and shortsighted policy (we should hope to avoid reciprocal targeting of American leaders' families).

The US Government already has a bad history:
1986  US bombs kill Libyan leader Gaddafi's infant daughter
2003  American forces target & kill Saddam Hussein's two sons & 14-yr old grandson
2011  US / NATO bombs kill Gaddafi's son & grandkids, 5-mo & 2-yr old twins (30 April)
2011  US drone attack kills Anwar al-Awlaki, dissident American Muslim cleric (30 Sept)
2011  US drone attack kills Anwar al-Awlaki's son, US teenager Abdulrahman (14 Oct)
2017  American SEAL Team 6 kills Anwar's 8-yr old daughter, Nora Al-Awlaki  (29 Jan)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Knee-Jerk Anti-Trump? NO

Too many Americans are already hyper-critical of everything done by President Trump.

This is a big mistake. Here's why:
For all his bluster and megapresence, Donald J. Trump is just one geezer. Sure he's rich and disturbed, but he can't do much all by himself.

Focusing our attention on his antics, we fail to monitor the thousands of his minions now infiltrating & undermining our communities. The system of government is being hijacked. This is beyond partisan politics or questions of policy difference.

Trump peacefully came to power because Americans had faith in law & order, and in the United States Constitution. The President took an oath to protect & defend the Constitution, and Donald J. Trump became a federal employee.

The American People have not agreed to become employees or slaves to Donald J. Trump and his allies.

So avoid reflexively watching corporate media showing Trump stages of tantrum. Watch-out for Republican operatives: robo-signers, slash-and-burn specialists, the same wolves & weasels who crippled the global economy at the end of the Bush-Cheney reign and were bailed-out with public funds by America's political elite.

Both parties have huge crony networks. Probably you, dear reader, are not appropriately connected. Watch your pockets against thieves, and plan for trouble. The distractions around you are deliberate.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Theresa May LEAVE

UK Prime Minister Theresa May owes her job to the "Leave" campaign to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

The UK's EU Referendum generated 17,410,742 votes to LEAVE.

Estimated UK population on 23 June 2016 was 65,620,891 people.

Brexit advocates won the referendum.

But LEAVE gained support of just  26.5%

Citizens under 18 and long-term UK expats overseas had no voting rights.

America's Savior: TRUMP®

Donald J. Trump deserves to be President of the United States of America.

Trump received 62,979,636 votes across the USA.
Trump received 304 electoral votes in the Electoral College.

Trump was duly sworn & properly assumed the Office of President.

But :
According to the United States Census Bureau, on Election Day 8 November 2016, the US population was 324,013,797 people.
Trump got 62,979,636 votes.

That's only  19.4% 

Look around America: only 19% of the people you see voted for Pres. Trump.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Winter Songs & Christmas Carols

As I was singing "c'mon it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with Aimee" (a personal adaptation of the song Sleigh Ride (Mitchell Parish lyrics, Leroy Anderson music), I was struck by a thought.

This song has no references to Christmas or religion, so differs from almost all traditional Christmas Carols. What popular seasonal songs are wholly "secular" ... ?

Sleigh Ride

Jingle Bells

Frosty the Snowman

Aside from this, it's late January, we've no snow outside (in Stockholm, Sweden), and no sleighs nearby... I did find Sleigh Ride composer Leroy Anderson was born to Swedish parents & visited here repeatedly.

Media is "Dancing With The Donald"

All enjoy the President Trump Two-Step.
Such antics.
And he sez the darndest things!

Controversy sells news.

Media fueled the Trump presidential campaign, trumpeting all his off-color antics. Now U.S. President Trump's America First Circus continues as he waltzes with corporate media in a symbiotic dance programmed to end in 2021.

We consumers tune-in to monitor the Latest. We gasp at Trump's "Unafraid to Risk it" style. He's reportedly edgy, misanthropic, and politically incorrect. He's got a manly history. As his tale weakens, stories of mega-money, bimbos & creepy kids wait in the wings. 

Both sides are parasites. So Entertaining!
Consuming Trump® News is the new & improved American Dream.
It's the greatest. Couldn't be better.

Buy your popcorn Here  (link)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Funneling Money to TRUMP®

US President Trump is still exposed to illegal kickbacks from his global hotel empire and many other business operations.

Is Trump too rich to be bribed?

Already wealthy (or still not enough) he should divest from all active participation in Trump® businesses.

Foreign elements recognize new possibilities. They want to generate conflict-of-interest & quickly buy shortcuts to favors.

On the new president's inauguration day, The Telegraph (UK) published a list of room rates for top Trump hotels. You can funnel funds to President Trump by staying at his hotels in the USA or overseas. Here are their cited 14 top choices (2 night stay; £/$ exchange @1.24):

1    Trump Washington DC (room = Trump Townhouse)  $58,900.
2    Trump Doral (Miami; Presidential Suite)  $17,180.
3    Trump Waikiki (Honolulu; Waikiki Penthouse Suite)  $7,513.
4    Trump Las Vegas (Penthouse Suite)  $5,130.
5    Trump Panama (Panama City; Executive Suite)  $3,880.
6    Trump New York (Park View Suite)  $3,435.
7    Trump Soho (New York; SoHo Suite) $3,220.
8    Trump Chicago (Grand Deluxe Lake View Suite)  $3,055.
9   Trump Vancouver (Executive Suite)  $2343.
10  Trump Doonbeg (County Clare, Ireland; Premier Courtyard View Suite)  $2,006.
11  Trump Toronto (Deluxe suite)  $1,793.
12  Albemarle Estate at Trump Winery (Charlottesville; Jefferson Grand Suite)  $1,314.
13  Trump Turnberry (Ayrshire, Scotland; Ocean View Suite)  $1,113.
14  Macloed House & Lodge (Aberdeenshire, Scotland; Garden deluxe king room)  $868.

These aren't always their top rooms.

Two nights over 2017 Valentine's Day in the Presidential Suite at the Trump Panama costs $6,003. (including the 10% taxes and complimentary wireless internet).

You can book MacLeod House & Lodge for your 2-night event (lodging up to 32 people) for $29,611. If American & non-EU guests reclaim 20% VAT, it's $24,676. Not too bad -- and maybe not enough to draw the notice of President Trump... 

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (Crew) is filing a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court claiming federal official U.S. President Donald J. Trump is illegally receiving gifts & emoluments (money) from foreign governments, which the US Constitution bans as corruption.

The strict rules on gifts & bribes are based on good reasoning. There are not exceptions for bribing a wealthy Cabinet Secretary, a top military General, or little-known Federal judges. President Trump is now a Federal EMPLOYEE.

Here's a link to U.S. Department of Justice rules, procedures, and Standards of Ethical Conduct. They begin (quote):
You may have heard it said that “public service is a public trust.” This means that each Federal employee has a responsibility to the United States Government and its citizens to place loyalty to the Constitution, laws, and ethical principles above private gain. The public deserves and should expect no less.

Federal employees cannot accept unsolicited gifts worth more than $20 (and maximum $50 value over one calendar year from one person).  Until now, if there appears conflict-of-interest, federal employees have been urged to refuse gifts & money. Will Trump change this?

If we allow federal employee corruption, U.S. government procurement & the American goal of impartial justice will be badly undermined.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Welcome New Government Employees

Top members of the new American government are already wealthy & powerful. Let's hope they understand they're now EMPLOYEES. The polarizing rhetoric depicts a conquering army, as if we've new bosses, rather than a new slate of public servants.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

'Onlooker' Booker, US Senator

US Sen. Cory Booker is accused of pocketing Big Pharma cash, then voting to forbid desperate Americans from buying cheaper lifesaving drugs from Canada.

As detailed by Richard Eskow (link), Booker is a hypocrite who betrayed endangered Americans needing medical relief.

Sure professed progressive Democrat Booker voted down the Bernie Sanders / Amy Klobuchar budget amendment to allow prescription drugs from Canada for millions of America's desperately ill.

Those worst-off won't vote again, and most others will soon forget.

Booker is a looker with his eyes on the White House. Big Pharma can help him gain entry.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Devil Ain't Far

Here's a comment on the ever-present danger of murderous nice folk - it's stuck with me, and is worth reproducing. Written by Doug Salzmann:

"It’s a very human reaction, in the face of such vile and hateful behavior and speech, to insist that the culprit is fundamentally different from — less than — "normal" human beings, like us. "We" could never do such things, believe in such evil madness, speak such despicable words.

But that’s not true. It’s a big lie. Given the "right" environment, the "right" experiences, the "right" frustrations and disappointments, the "right" programming and encouragement, virtually all humans are capable of atrocities such as Roof perpetrated.

We could all be Dylan Roof.

Hell, people only have to be told that they are heroes protecting the world from one sort of evil or another and they willingly napalm villages in Southeast Asia or blow up wedding parties with Hellfire missiles from air-conditioned easy chairs thousands of miles away.

If you’ve reached whatever age and place in life you’re at now without becoming "one of them," you’re not special or different; you’re just lucky."

Beware a Demagogue!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Waiting for Trump GOLD

Are you one of the 62 million Americans who (supposedly) voted for Donald Trump? Do you eagerly await him "draining the swamp" ?? Will Trump Make America Great Again?

Cracker, You're plumb Out of Luck.

Only Waiting. ...
wait in vain...

Trump promised, and you gave him what he wanted. Now, a more-mighty Trump dumped all obligations to little people.

He dumped Giuliani.

He dumped Gov. Chris Christie.

Look at last summer's Republican National Convention video - Trump had already decided Christie was poison (explained before, link)

Watch the candidate's final strong message (link here -- recognize the machine which made the video already enslaves America). Until Election Day, Mr. Donald Trump pledged to work With us & FOR US. Now those promises, and us, are simple bother.

President-elect Trump's uplifting messages stopped after his election. Jackals gathered round him; he welcomed the worst. Did YOU get a personal invitation to the great President Trump's inauguration? If yes, You're in Trump's 1% -- the rest of us are trash.

Trump offered Christie a "Big Embarrassment" brush-off

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Remote Murders

Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi (Awlaki, or Al-Awlaki) was a 16-year-old American kid assassinated by drone missile on 14 Oct. 2011, just 15 days after his 40-yr-old American father Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki was similarly eradicated.

No court oversaw the orders for their termination, and no U.S. judicial review has either justified or condemned the extrajudicial killings.

Supposedly, US President Barack Obama was in ultimate control over these executions.

Was this extreme violence, and especially the killing of a young American boy, truly necessary?  The boy's family & the American Civil Liberties Union say NO  (see video)

America has gone to the ends of the earth to interfere with dangerous people; our military occupies their faraway lands. These forces should come home - as promised by Trump.

In this case, the father was sheltering with his extended family in the Awalik / Awalek tribal region of Yemen. How might the tribe retaliate? The tribal anthem was quoted by The Wall Street Journal as: "We are the sparks of Hell; whomever interferes with us will be burned."

PS - It's been reported on 29 January 2017 that the first US combat death of the Trump administration came in an action against members of this Al-Awlaki family; 30+ others died in the battle, including 8-year old Nora, daughter of the late American Anwar al-Awlaki (the below dead boy Abdulrahman's younger sister).

Nora, age 8. Shot in the neck by Seal Team 6, she bled-out after 2 hours.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Shitty Stockholm

Stockholm's a beautiful city until you need to find a toilet.

Then emerges the dark, cold cruelty of Nordic noir ... Sweden's capital has far too few public toilet facilities, and even if found -- it often costs money to use them.

Surely a few parking spaces could cheaply be converted with port-a-potties.

Use of toilets is a human right.

Stockholm's urban infrastructure is substandard & inhumane.
Young, old, you or me - it's dirty to use city bushes as toilets...
Wake Up and provide for people!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Does Israel Support Hawaiian Colonization?

Did President Obama finally stand up to Netanyahu and defy the Israeli right-wing?

The Obama administration abstained from (voting for or against) United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334(2016) reaffirming Israeli settlements have no legal validity in Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, and that Israel as occupying Power is obliged to abide by the Geneva Convention. The resolution passed 14-0-1.

Netanyahu supposedly is livid at Obama. More likely this is all a setup so Obama can soon be appointed an official "Envoy to the Middle East" under the veneer he'll resist Israeli bullying. Obama's Administration at its toughest has been a slightly disobedient lapdog while a key funder & servile friend of Israel. For nearly eight years, regardless of commitments, the two-state solution has made no progress. Occupied territories in the Middle East are politically unstable; civilian populations are suffering. It has seemed among the big powers, the quest for sustainable peace has been abandoned. Obama is accused (link) throughout his administration of turning his back on the large non-Jewish civilian population forced to live under Israeli occupation.

If Netanyahu is truly displeased with the USA, he can easily draw global attention to the American occupation of Hawai'i.

Otherwise, this is all a deceptive show.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Enjoy a Progressive Crèche

Have you looked at a crèche this year, or perhaps set-up a Nativity scene at home?

My home's next to the huge Gustav Vasa Church in central Stockholm (Sweden). This year the crèche attracted my attention because the church is closed for renovation. Behind a construction fence and among the rubble of reconstruction, we can see a huge star of lights and the crèche. It's a progressive crèche.

Somewhat similar to the Advent candles, where one more is lit each week, this crèche changes over the holiday season to follow the Nativity story.

Now it's 23rd December, and only animals are in the manger.

Sometime tomorrow, Joseph & Mary will arrive. And in the wee hours of the next morning, we can expect the Christ child. They'll be joined by the Magi, three wise men.

The progression is of course important. We should remember the birth was in a primitive manger, and not at better facilities nearby. There was no room at the inn for a heavily pregnant woman exhausted from long travels...

Please draw your own lessons. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Desecrating Graves Insults Hawaiians

US President Obama has family graves in Kenya maintained by Siaya County.  Obama's grandfather & father are buried in a respectful place in Kogelo village. The President's father died in 1982, during his son's senior year at Columbia College, New York City.

People around the world respect the dead. It's truly sad when the sacred is dirtied, deliberately or otherwise. Yet this week Obama played golf on Heleloa Hawaiian Cemetery -- (seized by U.S. Marines, bulldozed & dubbed Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course). Thousands of Hawaiians were honorably buried in this sacred place.

American film star Jennifer Lawrence was recently interviewed (link) laughing about scratching her rump on Hawaiian sacred stones. She then joked of destroying a site she'd been told was culturally sacred. These are atrocities -- NOT FUNNY.

Now I'm looking at Jennifer's grandmama's gravestone photo in Sulphur Cemetery, Henry County, Kentucky, May She Rest in Peace. Fortunately my butt don't itch. Granny probably knew Jen's an ass. I expected better from President Obama, but surely it would not be proper to use his father's grave as a place for sports?  ... or a place to cut & paint my toenails? NO.

Yankee's desecration of Hawai'i, Mokapu & elsewhere, invites spiritual retaliation. Continuing dishonor by U.S. soldiers, visitors & officials is misguided, unsustainable & clearly wrong.

Reach into My Grave !
Mokapu putt, squatter shame
Shaka President ?


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Absentee Capitalist Crimes

Did 63 million Americans truly vote for Donald Trump? If so, more than 60 million will soon feel betrayed.

President Trump now promises to assist big business. He's likely to help Russia & Israel before he helps us.

Some counsel "wait & see" ... but Trump's long record as a deceptive sack of shit is sure to extend. He's chosen to surround himself with sleazy people. His idea of patriotism is to repatriate wealth to Trump® & his buddies.

He seemed successful reaching out to Joe & Ruby-Sue Dumfux. In the few weeks since Election Day, these people are already left behind, holding promises. We'll all pay for their gullibility.

Joe & Ruby-Sue probably missed today's memo from Japan, which displays the modus operandi of crony capitalism. "Government to help fund Fukushima decontamination, easing Tepco’s burden" explains that the nuclear power operator TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company, a private firm), will not pay the costs for their disastrous Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns

In essence, crony capitalism fails -- and the public pays for cleanup.

Monday, December 12, 2016

US Democracy Dead

Close Presidential election results in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania have been declared beyond review: recount procedures have been halted by partisan officials.

Although election laws provide scope for recount, America's major political parties, Republican & Democrat, have joined forces in denying the people a better understanding of results.

Welcome to Corruption, USA