Thursday, May 23, 2019

Paradise Coverup!

Urine Trouble Boy

US federal & state officials are hiding details of the unidentified US Army trespasser who fell into Kilauea volcano on 2nd May. Three weeks now passed since he was rescued!

Was he pissing over the edge? ...his friends might have photo evidence.

Administrative coverup arouses global SCANDAL.

We condemn reckless colonialist arrogance exploiting Hawai'i.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Piss Poor US Army

US Army troops visit Kilauea, Hawai'i, and at a place off-limits to civilians & Hawaiians, one soldier clambers over a railing and somehow falls into Halemaumau crater.

Coconut wireless heard half-round the world.  Scuttlebutt sez:
idiot stood on the edge urinating into Madame Pele's home!

Auwe! Hewa to da Max!

Arrogant Yankee Occupation Forces! 

Soldier Falls into Volcano  (link, NBC News)

Friday, April 12, 2019

Fascist Boot?

I don't know Ola Bini. Maybe I wouldn't like him, maybe he's great.

Mr. Ola Bini was arrested in Quito, Ecuador, in parallel to this week's London arrest of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

Governments are colluding against whistle-blowers.  Julian Assange & Ola Bini may be heroes, or maybe assholes, but they are not at all murderers such as some they've revealed. Don't be tricked - without such information we're in the dark  

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Fairlady? the Furies of Nissan

Commercial Captive Carlos Ghosn, Land of the Rising Sun?

Japan concocts many corporate scandals, struck by: pollution & poisoning, deadly designs, substituting substandard components, circumventing safety audits, working employees to death, etc. -- plus unreported evils. Japan's corporate executives are rarely arrested or incarcerated even when mismanagement brings death or massive trauma (see 企業犯罪, 日本語 Wikipedia).

Nissan Mismanagement Case summary: Gaijin Beware! 

Regardless of fault, "Japan Inc." gossip tarnishes Japan's legal system & damages business. Continuing intrigue harms all Japan.  Nissan's former Chairman still praises Japan, but this video's 4:46 edit will worry his foes.   Heroic stuff!

Scandal for Nissan Motor Co, Mitsubishi Motors, Renault, & Japan
日産自動車 Nissan Mismanagement Scandal: Weird & Worrying

Monday, April 01, 2019

Sleazy Selling: the Postcard Tax Form

"Postcard" tax filing helped win US tax reform in 2017. Mega-rich got epic tax breaks, but the Republican website now seems forgotten. Was it all a CON? How is this surreal fantasy working out for you?

They were warned not to promise something unworkable, but laughed - betting on public stupidity & poor memory. The GOP never worked to achieve this promise. It's strong evidence of contempt.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Occupation-oriented: University of Hawai'i

People study to get better jobs, but the University of Hawai'i is occupation-oriented in the wrong way! ...

Brutal land management & UH disdain for Native Hawaiian inheritance:   (links)

UH leadership against Native Hawaiian funding agreements

Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT debacle)

More discussion of UH mismanagement

Friday, March 08, 2019

Dog-Eat-Dog, We Dawgz

Our very richest suck too much wealth.

"Norman Rockwell" working families don't earn living wages.

Community got eroded around us.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Major town & city names in Sweden

notes from The Local article:

Stockholm  Stokker = log, Holm = islet

Göteborg / Gothenburg  Gothic Göta älv or Göta River, borg, = castle, stronghold

Malmö  Malmöghae  Malm = ore, older meaning sand, högar = piles/mounds

Karlstad / Tingvalla   Charles  King Karl XI  stad = city

Umeå   Norse 'roaring' rapids, å = stream French eau, water  Ume River (Ume älv)  Ume stream

Visby Old Norse vi, 'place of sacrifices' or 'holy place' by today 'village' but earlier, larger towns

Uppsala / Östra Aros, Eastern Estuary where river Fyrisån meets Mälaren
Upp Sala differentiated from town of Sala, a ceremonial building

Västerås / Västra Aros (Western Estuary) melded to one word

Kiruna /  Luossavaara, from Luossavárri mountain. Deliberately shortened from another area mountain Gironvárri, Sami 'mountain ridge', Kiirunavaara in Finnish;

Jokkmokk / Jåhkåmåhkke / Dálvvadis 'winter settlement' seems 'bend in the stream', but original muorkke, strip of land between two rivers

Linköping  Lionga ting assembly, Liunga Kauping was a Swedish Church site in the 1100s
köpa (to buy), prev. 95 "köping" = market or trading towns, many became städer but kept names

Nyköping  New market

Norrköping  North market

Snopptorp  Erik af Snoppenström's torp = Croft (seems penis croft)

Become a member of The Local to better participate!

Lambert Proposal: EU Holidays

French President Macron calls for a "European Renaissance" and this week suggests assorted progressive policies, mostly political.

Please consider as well that Europeans still know little about each other.

I suggest European holidays; specifically, four EU-wide days-off each year rotating among the national days of member states. Requiring seven years for one cycle, we'll perhaps drink French beer on 14 July one year, another year have Swedish fish 6 June. We may learn why 12 October is important in Spain, what happened 18 November in Latvia, and why Portuguese celebrate 10 June.

It's a modest proposal, and a chance to learn & party, so let's dare say: FUN.

-- Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert, Stockholm
in response to "Pour une Renaissance européenne"
Publié le 4 mars 2019, Emmanuel Macron

Quick research generated the below data for EU National Days
(open to revision & refinement)

Austria; Österreich 26 Oct
Belgium; België; Belgique; Belgien 21 July
Bulgaria; България (Bǎlgariya) 3 March
Croatia; Hrvatska 25 June
Cyprus; Κύπρος (Kípros); Kıbrıs 1 Oct
Czechia; Česko; Czech Republic 28 Oct;  28 Sept
Denmark; Danmark 5 June
Estonia; Eesti 24 Feb
European Union; Council of Europe 9 May; 5 May (Europe Day)
Finland; Suomi 6 Dec
France 14 July
Germany; Deutschland 3 Oct
Greece; Ελλάδα (Elláda) 25 March; 28 Oct
Hungary; Magyarország 15 March; 20 Aug; 23 Oct
Ireland; Éire 17 March
Italy; Italia 25 April; 2 June
Latvia; Latvija 18 Nov
Lithuania; Lietuva 16 Feb; 6 July
Luxembourg; Luxemburg; Lëtzebuerg  23 June
Malta 31 March; 7 June; 8 Sept; 21 Sept; 13 Dec
Netherlands; Nederland; Nederlân 15 Dec; 27 April; 5 May
Poland; Polska 3 May; 11 Nov
Portugal 10 June
Romania; România 24 Jan; 1 Dec
Slovakia; Slovensko 1 Jan; 29 Aug; 1 Sept
Slovenia; Slovenija 25 June; 25 Oct; 26 Dec
Spain; España; Espanya; Espainia 12 Oct
Sweden; Sverige 6 June
United Kingdom; Teyrnas Unedig; An Rìoghachd Aonaichte 2nd Sat June

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Love the Police

❤ SHAM Love ❤  - Ugly undercover seduction & continuing betrayal tactic by British police deceives citizens seeking better communities.

"My partner had never existed and was played by an actor, sent in by the State in order to spy on me as a peaceful green activist."

Another Grievous Wrong by Establishment Britain

Monday, March 04, 2019

Civility for Dummies

Calling for "civility" in response to abuse and criminality is wrongheaded. 

Blame Pres. Obama for refusing to prosecute Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice-Powell for organizing torture & engineering public deception to wage illegal war in Iraq. Bullies are emboldened when there is no accountability. We're adept at ignoring our own genocidal crimes.
  • Until the 1860s we allowed buying, whipping, owning "colored" people, and subsequently let former "owners" keep all proceeds from their now-illegal trade. 
  •  Native lands & resources are being stolen even today.
In semicivilized America, civility is a dummy (pacifier = what babies suck)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Stealing inheritance

The United States of America stole huge tracts of land from native peoples, forcibly displacing many communities. People were aggressively assimilated or exterminated by mandatory reeducation and military force. 

Systematic efforts to uproot indigenous inheritance continue today, promoted by American industry via corrupt political & legal systems. 

WE Pay for this Outrage; continuing over 400 years we've provided, hired, and paid for the soldiers & muscle, the walls, writs, whips and whitewash. How can just a few rich families claim the pie, leaving crumbs for the rest of us?

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

2019 Ghetto Bowl

SCANDAL: American football is focus for concerns & protest over racist attacks in America. 

Racist brutality was peacefully highlighted by Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter, contrasted with blackballing and hostility among smugly wealthy NFL club owners in bed with the US military.

So it is beyond simply insensitive when the US Super Bowl presents a hated Ghetto life stereotype front and center: the large fancy pimp-mobile with fur-coated rapper Big Boi.  

Black Lives Matter? The NFL displayed the scary black Devil stereotype !  Football's fat owners Suck

Pro-vocative! Dis irony?


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Alienating Britain

Abandoning efforts to create a better Europe, the Brexit Brigade alienates non-British allies. Outright lies and exaggeration cloud the minds of the British public. They're convinced the EU wants to manipulate negotiations, somehow forcing Britain to remain under EU influence. 

But British antagonism toward Europe alongside perceived British arrogance lead many Europeans to feel:
Be Gone -- Good riddance.
Fuck Off.